GreNo: Gaur City 12th Avenue protest against withdrawing of maintenance services

Photo: Supplied
Posted: Sep 03, 2019

The residents of 12th Avenue in Gaur City-2 of Greater Noida held a massive protest on Monday night demanding the restoration of the third-party maintenance services suspended by their developer.

Hundreds of residents took to the streets around midnight and blocked the main road in front of 12th Avenue. After much deliberation and intervention by the police, it was decided that a meeting will be held between the Apartment Owner's Association  (AoA) and the developers on Sunday in the presence of police officers and till that time all the maintenance services will be restored like earlier. 

Bavika Jha, vice president of the AoA apprised CitySpidey on Tuesday that none of the services was restored till 11 am as promised by the management during the late-night protest.

"We will not engage in any meeting unless the security of the society is not restored," said Bhavika.

The residents will again be taking up the street at 8 pm on Tuesday and will march from Gaur City 12th Avenue to Gaur mall if the management fails to restore the security and maintenance services. 

On 1 September, the Gaursons management had withdrawn the third-party services in the 12th Avenue and had asked the five months old AoA to take up the charge with immediate effect.

But according to the AoA, the developer withdrew the services to forcefully handover the incomplete society to AoA, which even has no completion certificate (CC).

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