Ahinsa Khand II residents seek permanent closure of illegal liquor shop

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Posted: Sep 03, 2019

After staging the protest against the opening of a liquor shop in Niho Scottish Mall, Ahinsa Khand II, the society's Apartment Owner’s Association (AOA) on Tuesday wrote to the district administration demanding the removal of the shop from the locality.

On Monday, the liquor shop was temporarily closed after the residents took to the streets demanding closure of the shop. During the protest, the residents miffed with the staff of the liquor shop after they failed to present its license to run the business near a residential complex. Later, the protesting residents forced to shut the shop immediately. 

In the letter to the district administration, the residents termed the shop as 'illegal', “It has come to our notice that a liquor shop has been opened in this mall which is basically illegal and contrary to provisions of State Excise Act,” the letter read.

Ajay Singh Tanwar, Secretary of the AOA of Niho Scottish Garden claimed that as per rules and regulations of the State Excise Act, the shop is illegal. “Also the shop should be shut when the residents are agitated with its operation," he said. Tanwar supported his claim by citing Chapter 3 of Uttar Pradesh Number And Location Of Excise Shops Rules 1968.

As per chapter 3 of Uttar Pradesh Number And Location Of Excise Shops Rules 1968, No new shop (liquor) or sub-shop shall be licensed in close proximity to a place of public resort, school, hospital, place of worship or factory, or o the entrances to a market or a residential colony and all objections to the licensing of a shop or sub-shop made by persons affected, shall receive full consideration.

“Besides, Niho Mall is a complex of convenient shops built for the ease of the residents of Niho Scottish Garden. As per the UP Apartment Act, the sale of meat and liquor is not allowed in convenient shops. However, due to its (Niho Mall) location, it can be accessed by anyone but that doesn’t mean that it should be treated as a commercial entity,” added Tanwar.

Tanwar said that a large number of residents including their families are agitated because of the opening of the liquor shop. “This is likely to leave serious repercussions on adolescents and could create adverse law and order situation,” he apprehended.

Ther residents also opined that people will start drinking in the open or in the vehicles parked nearby the liquor shops. The residents also seemed afraid that the situation will lead to harassment of women and young girls especially.

The AOA requested to DM Ghaziabad to immediately intervene and get the liquor shop removed from the Niho Mall. Meanwhile, the DM office has received the complaint of the residents and assured them of immediate action.

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