GreNo: La Residentia have new visitors

Photo: CitySpidey
Posted: Sep 03, 2019

Amidst the on-going problems with management and maintenance issues, the residents of La Residentia in Greater Noida’s Techzone 4 have new visitors (monkeys) who have created a series of problems for the occupants of the society.

The monkey menace which started about a month back has drastically increased over the past week. Where earlier residents use to see one or two monkeys, now a bunch can be seen strolling around, climbing pipes or sitting on the balcony grill.

While the real occupants of the society have not taken possession of the incomplete flats in the society, these monkeys have made it their home, where they comfortable live, and when hungry they go and pick anything from the nearby flat’s kitchen by going through the balcony.

“In a day’s time, they have taken away and torn several clothes that were hanging in balcony to dry,” Sumil Jalota, a resident said.

“We are not allowing children to go out as monkeys are roaming around and they might cause harm,” another resident added.

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