Service-lane disservice for Homes 121 residents
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Service-lane disservice for Homes 121 residents

Residents of Ajnara Homes 121 Apartments, Sector 121, Noida, find themselves in a fix as the service lane connecting their society to the main road remains dug up.

Service-lane disservice for Homes 121 residents

Instead of a smooth hop across the service lane from the main road to the gate of Ajnara Homes 121 in Sector 121, Noida, residents risk falling into a huge dug-out crater — all thanks to Noida Authority's Jal Department.

The department had dredged up the service lane beside the Noida-Greater Noida Link Road almost two months back to provide a Ganga jal supply connection from the main water pipeline to the apartment. But despite completing the connection, they didn't refill the crater that had been dug out.

The service lane, residents say, is the only way to connect to the main road. Without it, they are being forced to enter the society from the Link Road, using the wrong side. The situation has turned dangerous, and accidents cannot be ruled out.

BP Sharma, a resident, says that if the service lane is not repaired before the start of the monsoons, bikers — and even cars — can drive right into the gaping hole. With rainwater collecting in the crater, it will get near impossible to detect the crater, particularly if they aren’t frequent pliers on this lane.

When it comes to digging service lanes, it’s legally mandatory to level the road as soon as the work is done. But, in this case, the contractor commissioned for the job by the Jal Department hasn’t done so. 

The assistant project engineer of Noida Authority, VR Sharma, said he would write to the department asking for a status update of the work. If it confirms that the work is complete, he will immediately seek the approval of authorities to repair the service lane.