Gurugram's Mahindra Aura residents demand early RWA election
Gurugram's Mahindra Aura residents demand early RWA election
Akanksha Gupta
Gurugram's Mahindra Aura residents demand early RWA election
Photo: CitySpidey

Gurugram's Mahindra Aura residents demand early RWA election

A group of residents from  Mahindra Aura in Gurugram's sector 110A on Friday visited the office of District Registrar of Societies and Firms seeking an appointment of Adhoc committee for an early election amidst the ongoing controversy between the society's  Residents welfare association (RWA) and the residents.

The residents were called by the office of the registrar for hearing on Friday after they claimed that nine out of 11 members of the elected governing body had resigned.

Tejpal Malik, a resident of the society said, "We have presented all the fact before the office of district registrar and requested them to appoint an Adhoc committee for an early election and empower it for an interim period to manage the society day-to-day affair."

He further informed CitySpidey that Yashesh Yadav had verbally resigned during the SGBM held on September 16 in 2018 but was operating the RWA account illegally even after resigning. 

"On September 1, 2019, he gave a written resignation and wrote a letter to the bank for removing his name as an authorised signatory. Earlier this week, the team of EOW visited the society and upon being convinced about the financial irregularities they directed the HDFC bank to seize the operation of Aura's account." Malik Said.     

Another resident, Ajit Kumar Gupta said, "For the past few months, the residents are living under constant threats. All we want is a free and fair election to constitute the RWA which works for the welfare of the society, not for themselves."   

District Registrar of Societies and Firms, IS Yadav said, "I have received the complaint from the residents against the RWA along with a copy of the resignation of the president. As per the Haryana Registration and Regulation of Societies (HRRS) Act 2012, the elected body did not meet the requisite quorum; I will soon take a decision on the same."

When CitySpidey spoke to Yashesh Yadav, ex-President, Mahindra Aura RWA he said that he is out of station and could not attend today's (Friday) hearing. "I have not submitted the resignation, it was taken forcefully by few residents. I have already registered a police complaint against them and the same was informed to the District Registrar. Few residents are trying to grab the RWA by illegal means,".