'Citizens Charter of Demands' launched by residents in Gurugram

Photo: CitySpidey
Posted: Sep 07, 2019

The residents of Gurugram are gearing up to set the tone for upcoming state election by preparing 11 points agenda. Keeping that in mind, citizens from various walks of life came together and launched 'Citizens’ Charter of Demands' echoing the slogan 'Baki Chodo, Gurgaon ki Bolo'.

The Citizens' Charter of Demands was launched on Saturday at Museo Camera, DLF phase 4, Gurugram for the two constituencies of Badshahpur and Gurugram, and have called upon the all contesting candidates to make a commitment to address all the demands.
The Charter was prepared by the Citizen's Forum draws attention to the critical issues faced by residents of Gurugram. The Charter listed out 11 areas that require urgent attention to make the city livable and reverse the crisis situation facing by the citizens. The 11 concern areas are the Aravalis, health, education, urban planning, water, waste management, air pollution, governance, police, women’s safety, and social inclusion and harmony. The Charter lists a set of demands in each of these areas that the electoral candidates will be asked to take a stand on.

"The Charter has been prepared through an exhaustive consultation process that involved urban town planners, environmentalists, water and waste experts, lawyers, health and education activists and others. It also includes practitioners, gender rights activists, governance experts, civic and road safety advocates, trade unions, social inclusion advocacy groups, communication strategists, and many others," said Rahul Roy, a member citizen forum.

 "This Charter is the first step towards making the election process in these two seats responsive to the concerns of voters and residents of Gurugram. We urge all citizens of Gurugram to join this campaign to ensure that candidates respond to these issues and make a public and transparent commitment to address the many crises the city is facing," added Roy.

During the meeting, the Citizens Forum also announced the launch of a social media campaign and a series of on-ground meetings to be held in both the constituencies with residents. The social media campaign will take this Charter to each and every voter and also request them to articulate their demands through photographs, videos, and text messages. The campaign will serve as a channel for citizens concerns to be voiced and heard during this election process.

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