Dwarka: Temporary play areas developed by DDA lie neglected
Dwarka: Temporary play areas developed by DDA lie neglected
Akhilesh Pandey
Dwarka: Temporary play areas developed by DDA lie neglected The play area is being used by vehicles
Photo: CitySpidey

Dwarka: Temporary play areas developed by DDA lie neglected

The temporary playground's developed by the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) in 2015 on its vacant land in Dwarka lies shabby because of the neglected attitude of the authority to look after the grounds.

The authority responsible was suppose to develop the playground by leveling the land, cleaning the area and erecting goal posts for children but the ground reports have a different story to represent. 

CitySpidey visited these playground's in Dwarka area and found them in most bizarre conditions with uneven surface, lack of cleaning, overgrown grass and bushes and rusted or missing (stolen) goal posts. 

The play area situated in front of Radhika Apartments in Sector 14 Pocket 1, lies in the most pathetic state, the ground which is a temporary arrangement, have a football field with goal posts and two volley ball courts with poles. But now the goal posts have no net and the volley ball poles are rusted or damaged.

Talking to CitySpidey, the Ex- President of Radhika Apartments RWA SS Chowhan said, “ This is a big ground and if it is maintained it would be utilised to its optimum level. Children of our society and other area play here but they get hurt because of the concrete and stones which lies around. Also garbage and plastic can be seen on the ground which is not safe.”   

The same neglectful condition can be seen in the temporary playground of sector 3, which is now being used as a dwelling area by few people, the erected instruments are nowhere to be found and the surface is uneven. 

NK Singh a resident of Sector 3 said, “The ground is not fit for the children to play, the surface is uneven and is being used by dwellers. It has also become a place for open consumption of liquor and gambling. 

He further questioned, " For what purpose was this ground developed.”

While another ground in sector 14 has turned into a vehicle learning field, where people have broken the boundary wall to bring their vehicles in. The goal post has been damaged and broken glasses of liquor can be found around signifying that the area is being illegally used.

The DDA who was responsible to look after and monitor the playgrounds is unaware of the current situation of the grounds.

According to the DDA, the sports complex of the area was responsible to look after the playgrounds.