Ajnara Integrity residents plant saplings to boost greenery in Raj Nagar Ext

Photo: CitySpidey
Posted: Sep 08, 2019

Driven by their love and passion for conserving the environment, a group of residents from Ajnara Integrity have formed a team that carry out plantation drive every weekend in Raj Nagar Extension, Ghaziabad.

The team aims to plant 500 saplings by the end of monsoons and has planted 282 till date.

"We started this in July and have to complete our target by the end of September," said Vinay Agarwal, a member of the team.

Though all the members of the team are environment enthusiast, they get little time to serve the nature due to their professional and personal lives, Agarwal said. "That is why, we choose weekends to do this job," he added

Agarwal said that when he shifted to Raj Nagar Extension, he was surprised to see hardly any green cover in the area. “All I could see was concrete jungles having no space for real ones," he said. "I wanted to change that," he added.

Agarwal is inspired by a road which leads Bhopal, his hometown, to the border of Nepal. "The tree cover on the both sides of the road is so lush that even in peak summer one would not require AC while commuting in their cars. The shade of the trees do not allow the heat to penetrate inside. I want such experience in Raj Nagar Extension," he said.

The lush greenery on both the sides of the route prompted Agarwal and his team to plant saplings on both the sides of the road in Raj Nagar Extension. "One day, they will grow big and provide shade and shelter to commuters and birds as well," he added.

Speaking more about the cause, Agarwal said that their drive will also help in building ecosystem. "I never see birds in Raj Nagar Extension. The reason is that the area doesn't have many fruit bearing trees. Our focus is on planting fruit bearing plants so that birds take shelter on them. It will be mesmerising to hear chirping of birds in the morning. This will definitely improve the ecosystem," he added.


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