Dwarka: Sector 13 Dhalao awaits for authority's attention

Photo: CitySpidey
Posted: Sep 08, 2019

Despite repeated complaints and raising red flags, the Resident Welfare Association (RWA) of Metro View Apartments Sector 13 on Sunday alleged that the South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) has not taken their requests of maintaining the Dhalao into consideration. 

The RWA President, Vinod Rawat shared the dump yard's photographs with CitySpidey and said, “Despite our repeated complaints and requests the situation is still same. Even our ultimatum to stage a protest did nothing. Today again I have written to higher officials of the SDMC, and hoping that the condition would improve soon.”  

For months now, the RWA has been raising the issue of ill-maintained Dhalao with the authorities. Last week, the RWA had written to the SDMC officials, highlighting how it was affecting their day-to-day lives. In order to grab authority's attention, the RWA also gave an ultimatum to stage a protest at the Dhalao. 

So far, all pleas have fallen into deaf ears, alleged Rawat saying, " Unfortunately things are not seen on the ground. We are not happy with their approach. Our stand for protest would stand and we will be doing that soon."

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