Dwarka: Temporary play ground scheme of DDA failed to connect RWAs
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Dwarka: Temporary play ground scheme of DDA failed to connect RWAs

DDA failed to provide equipments and other facilities in the playground.

Dwarka: Temporary play ground scheme of DDA failed to connect RWAs

Delhi Development Authority has failed in connecting RWAs and local social organisations or NGO to the temporary playgrounds. The grounds which were made almost three years ago had to be associated with the local resident bodies so that they could be maintained. But the two grounds in Dwarka were never associated with the RWAs or any NGO of the area. Due to the callous approach of the authority and no association with RWAs, the grounds are in bad shape and in need of maintenance. In Dwarka, one ground is in front of Radhika Apartments, sector 14, and the other is in sector 3.

SN Singh, a resident of Kautilya Apartments which lies beside the temporary playground at sector 14, said, “This is such a good initiative by DDA for children and to build relation with RWAs. Though the children are using the playground, however, there is no connection with RWAs of the area. We were told by the DDA people about the concept of this playground when it was being made. Now it seems like the DDA has forgotten what they said. The ground is in pathetic condition and it must be maintained by DDA. DDA should include RWA in the decision of maintaining the ground and should give some funds to RWA or NGO for its maintenance.”

According to DDA, in 2015, the temporary playfields were developed in the vacant lands across Delhi. 26 such grounds were developed in a specific way by levelling the surface, cleaning the area, installing the goalposts and other such things. According to DDA, 26 such vacant plots have been converted into fields but the people who use it said that the DDA had been callous towards maintaining it and failed to maintain relationships with neighbourhood people and RWA.

Not only this but what was promised by DDA to promote sports through making playgrounds also seem only a formality and now most of the officials have forgotten what was proposed. According to a press release of DDA dated 02.03.2016 regarding this project, NGOs, social organisations, neighbourhood people etc had to be associated. Also, equipment and more facilities had to be provided.

But DDA failed to provide equipment and other facilities in the playground. Vikas Kumar a resident of Radhika Apartments, sector 14 said, “In the ground, neither the surface was levelled nor it was cleaned at the initial stage. Also, these days the goalposts are either missing or are in a damaged state.”

In the play area at sector 14 located in front of Radhika Apartments, Sector 14 Pocket 1, and Kautilya Apartments Sector 14, Pocket 2, uneven surface, garbage, broken glasses, etc can be seen. Also, a pole of volleyball is missing and goalposts have no net. Another ground at sector 3 has been lying in a barren state and is used by nomadic people. It seems that no goal posts were provided and neither levelling nor cleaning was done.

President of RWA of Metro View Apartments Sector 13, Vinod Rawat said, “This is a big ground and it can be used by children and others of it are maintained properly. Children of societies and other areas use this ground. But they get hurt as the ground is full of concrete and stones. DDA should keep its promise that they said in the beginning when they were developing the ground. But they somewhat forgot the concept and the ground is lacking maintenance.”

The irony is that the DDA officials are unaware of the condition of the grounds whereas they were required to keep monitoring the condition of the ground and work accordingly as per the policy.