Indirapuram: FedAOA, member societies hold meeting with Police

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Posted: Sep 09, 2019

The Federation of Apartments Owners Association (FedAOA) and its member societies met with police officials on Sunday, with an aim to address the issues of rising crimes, traffic congestion and encroachment in Indirapuram area.

During the meeting, residents raised their concerns before the SHO Indirapuram Police Station, Deepak Sharma, and Traffic Inspector (TI), Paramhans Tiwari.

"Our motive behind organising this meet was to bridge the gap between the public and the police by rebuilding trust between the two," said SHO Indirapuram Police Station, Deepak Sharma. 

Sharma further said that keeping the view in mind, Special Police Officers will soon be appointed, who will monitor law & order situation in the area. "The department will appoint residents as Special Police Officers, who will monitor the law and order situation in the area. Also, we have requested to participate in our Digital Volunteer Force (DVF) and help us in improving policing in the area," informed Sharma.

Adding to Sharma’s statement, Tiwari said that fluorescent jackets would be provided to the DVF volunteers and they would be expected to help the police department at the time of need.

"The city police administration struggles with the availability of force at times. They (DVF volunteers) can help police in such situations by providing assistance to traffic police and managing traffic during peak hours," suggested Tiwari. 

Sharma also raised the issue of rumours and fake news during the meeting. He said that the appointed DVFs could help police in curbing the rumours. 

 "They (DVF) can also help in curbing rumour-mongering by spreading facts and controlling the panic situation it leads to," said Sharma as he pointed at the latest outbreak of rumours related to child kidnapping which grappled the city.

Besides, key decisions were also made in the meet regarding traffic and encroachment issues in Indirapuram, Shaili Singh, member of FedAOA informed. 

"U-turns on roads needs to be revised. The follow-ups will be done by the team. Auto encroachment that covers more than half of the road on NH24 road towards Fortis will be solved at earliest. Integrated Traffic Management will soon be implemented in Indirapuram area. There will be appropriate defined divisions for right /left turns commuters. Awareness program regarding traffic management will be soon implemented," Singh added.

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