Noida Authority directs Aranya builder to bring convenience shops within society

Photo: CitySpidey
Posted: Sep 09, 2019

The residents of Aranya, a high rise in Sector 119, recently complained to the Noida Industrial Development Authority about outsiders using the convenience shops of the society. They demanded that a wall should be built to bring these shops within the society's premises.

Following their complain, Noida Authority served a notice to the developer of the highrise telling him to comply with the condition of map approval.

The notice says that convenience shops should be within the society's premises but they are not. Due to this, many outsiders come to these shops to buy items of their daily needs. This may result in security breach for the people residing in the society.

“Therefore, you are strictly directed to build a wall according to the approved plan to take these shops within the compound of the society,” the notice read.

The notice further read that in case the developer fails to build the wall, the construction will be carried out by the authority and the developer will have to incur the cost to be spent on constructing the wall.

The use of convenience shops by outsiders is common in many societies of Noida which has resulted in many legal battles between the residents and builder. In many societies, developers have converted convenience shops into commercial spaces which leads to traffic jam as outsiders who come park their cars on the roads. Moreover, it also increases the chances of chain and valuable snatching by miscreants.

Last month, residents of Mahagun Moderne, a high rise in sector 78 of Noida, complained to the authority about convenience shops being used as commercial spaces which is a violation of building plans.

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