GreNo: Copper wire thief arrested in La Residentia

Photo: CitySpidey
Posted: Sep 09, 2019

A copper wire thief was arrested from Greater Noida West based residential society, La Residentia on Sunday.

The thief made an abortive attempt to steal a bag full of copper electrical wires of the society. He was spotted by a security guard around 7.00 pm in the lower basement (2), which is not operational yet.

As per the man's initial statement, he had taken out the wires from the flats of Tower 1 which is under construction and has no occupancy.   

The residents told CitySpidey that later the man was handed over to the police by the guards.

Though the thief was spotted by a vigilant guard, his presence raises questions on the security agency of the society, which is maintained by the developer-owned management.

In a similar weird instance, weeks ago, the society had some unusual guests in the form of monkeys, who had forced the residents to live in fear.

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