La Residentia residents await for maintenance department to solve lift issue
La Residentia residents await for maintenance department to solve lift issue
Praveen Dwivedi/Mirah Zamin
La Residentia residents await for maintenance department to solve lift issue
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La Residentia residents await for maintenance department to solve lift issue

Residents of La Residentia, a society in Greater Noida West, have been facing the lift-malfunctioning issue since a long time. Several incidents of lift-malfunctioning in the society have been reported in the past.

Last month, three incidents of lift-malfunctioning took place in La Residentia because of which a panic was seen in the residents who started avoiding the lift.

On Monday, another such incident happened when a resident complained that the lift suddenly stopped operating. Sumil Jalota, who lives on the 20th floor of Tower 1 in the society, said that yesterday the lift suddenly stopped. However, there was no one in the lift.

Following repeated incidents, the management of the society called the lift service provider, Schindler, to know why lift malfunctioning happens often.

In the meeting held on September 5, between the residents and the representative of Schindler, Mukesh Kumar, it was brought to the notice that there was an earthing problem in all the towers of the society but the maximum earthing was at tower 1, between 13 and 14, while it should have been between 1 and 2.

“Repeated incidents of lift failure have annoyed the residents. During the meeting it was clearly visible that the residents are fed up with lift-malfunctioning,” Jalota said.

Few suggestions, like installing telecom in the lift, running of emergency fan even during the lift's power failure, duplexing check, were also made in the meeting by Schindler representative.

Sumit Basoya, another resident and attendee of the meeting said, "The minutes of the meeting has been forwarded to the Project Manager ( electrical) Hemant and he has taken the initial step and passed on our request to Director Sanjeev Kumar and Pankaj Jain for resolving the issue.”

He added, “The life of the residents are at risk, the Schindler representative clearly told us that there is earthing due to which fluctuation take place.”

“We expected the management to be pro-active on the issue which involves the life of so many people but they are doing it at their own pace,” he concluded.

It's been four days since the meeting was held and the residents still await for the maintenance department to take an action.

“It is very unfortunate that even after several complaints, the society's maintenance department and the directors are paying no heed to the residents' issues. Schindler’s staff had a meeting with the maintenance department and the residents had clearly mentioned that the issues in lifts are mainly due to inadequate earthing supply in Tower 1. The meeting was held four days ago and the issue is still to be resolved. Seems like that they will take an action only when some big mishap happens,” Jalota said.

The residential society has a large majority of senior citizens making it more difficult for them to climb up and down from a 20 floor building.