Dwarka residents hail 'eco-friendly' immersion of Ganesha idols
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Dwarka residents hail 'eco-friendly' immersion of Ganesha idols

People performed the immersion ritual at the artificial makeshift ponds.

Dwarka residents hail 'eco-friendly' immersion of Ganesha idols

Considering the degrading environmental conditions, this year Dwarka residents went for eco-friendly immersion of Lord Ganesha idols.

People from parts of Dwarka performed immersion ritual at the several artificial makeshift ponds made by the government to control water pollution. 

As many as 131 temporary ponds were made by the government at different locations across the national capital to provide a facility for immersion of idols to save the natural sources of water.

T Sampat Kumar, a resident of Vikram Nagar CGHS, Sector 12, welcomed the government's decision of filling these makeshift ponds with fresh water. "It is a welcome step to immerse the Ganesh idols. This is a decentralised and very effective facility which is increasing the participation of people in the immersion of the deities. Residents of Sector 12 came across to a makeshift pond in Sector 13, where we carried out the immersion ritual," said Kumar.

The residents requested that the policy should be enforced strictly in order to promote eco-friendly idols. "Commercial paints should be banned from colouring the deities. Herbal dyes, or watercolours, if possible should be used if at all required for the deities. In two years, these policy changes can bring a tectonic change in improving the quality of our environment,” said Sampat Kumar.