Relief to commuters! NHAI opens lane near Kala Pathar road

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Posted: Sep 11, 2019

Commuters can now breath a sigh of relief as NHAI on Monday opened the lane near Kala Pathar which leads to NH-9 from Indirapuram. The lane which is opened after a month has made commuting from Indirapuram to Delhi and Noida comfortable.

However, the lane from Indirapuram towards NH-9 will be opened within a week. Later, Kala Pathar will be developed into a junction.

Kala Pathar which is adjacent to NH-9 was closed a month ago. Due to this, commuters travelling from Indirapuram to Delhi or Noida had to travel an extra kilometre. Though NHAI announced earlier that the cut would be closed for 10 days, the work got delayed due to electric underground high tension line being 1.5 feet below the surface at the cut.

The work of power shifting was first started with the machine, but due to the danger of the line being cut from the machine, workers were engaged in this work, which delayed the work. Rain also added to the delay in the work.

After the work was completed, the lane from Indirapuram towards NH-9 was opened on Monday morning for the commuters.

Kala Pathar to be developed as the junction

NHAI officials also told that it will take one week to open the lane going towards Indirapuram from Delhi on NH-9 near Kala Pathar cut. Although, power lines have been shifted but electric poles are yet to be shifted. If it doesn't rain, the lane will be opened within a week. Till then vehicles will continue to enter Indirapuram through the underpass.

The officials further informed that thereafter Kala Pathar cut will be transformed into a junction and will be beautified by planting trees and putting up direction board.

Construction of the new NH led to a difference of around one meter between the levels of Kala Pathar road and NH. To maintain the level, the construction work was going on for a month.


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