No-Bachelor Tenants Allowed!
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No-Bachelor Tenants Allowed!

Single? No, No, we have 'No-Bachelor' policy in our society. 

No-Bachelor Tenants Allowed!

Single? No, No, we have 'No-Bachelor' policy in our society. 

Being Single is the biggest disadvantage if you are looking for rented accommodation in and around a metropolitan city. Even if you find one, you will have to pay twice the original amount and follow a certain set of rules that may infringe your privacy. The scenario is no different in Noida and Greater Noida where a majority of the societies clearly have the "no-bachelor" policy.

Recently, a 22-year-old student of a private college in Noida was asked to vacate his flat because he returns to his house after midnight. He was paying Rs 15,000 plus maintenance charges. 

When CitySpidey inquired about the case, we learned that some residents didn't approve his timings. 

One of the senior members of the society alleged that the man used to come drunk every night which is very 'uncultured'. The man was a bad influence on the growing children in the society, the resident concluded.

However, when our reporter asked if he had created any ruckus after coming drunk, the resident decided to keep mum and asked our reporter to leave. 

The senior citizens are not the only one to have such viewpoints, and not all people have issues with the presence of bachelors in the high-rises. We talked to a few residents residing in both, Noida and Greater Noida areas and got mixed reactions. 

A resident of Migsun Green Mansion in Greater Noida's HRA 14 site C, talking to our reporter said, "We have not moved any no-bachelor policy yet because we have no Apartment Owner's Association (AoA), and hence the residents cannot pressurize the homeowners to not let out their flats to bachelors."

He further elaborated on the reasons as to why there should be a no-bachelor policy and said, "They create a ruckus. Just the other day, four boys were sitting in their car in the basement and drinking."

A resident of Today Homes Ridge Residency in Noida's sector 135 had a different view, she said, "Our society can let out flats to bachelors, but only working ones. There are several flats in this society which have single male/female tenants, all of them are working and are hardly seen using the common areas. Working bachelors don't have time to create any chaos, and they also follow a discipline."

In many cases, the residents and their societies and different perspective. But a majority of them feels that the bachelors should not be allowed in a society, because other residents with families feel insecure.

There are some that allow bachelor tenants but they have some 'set of rules' that needs to be followed. For example, No guests after 10.00 pm; Parents can stay overnight; No Common area after 7.00 pm; No calls while using passage areas and many others.

Banning of bachelors both, male and female is not new, it has been around for long. A broker from Noida, on the pretext of anonymity, said, "About 90 per cent housing societies have a no-bachelor clause. If by any chance the owner decides to oppose the management, the repercussions are faced by the tenant. Under such circumstances, residents start troubling the tenant."

He further added, "Once in 2017, a girl and her two friends came to work in Noida, the flat owner liked them and gave them his place. But other residents didn't approve the owner's idea and started troubling the girls by dumping garbage in front of their doors, asking maid and other help not to do their work. In some scenarios, the girls were even penalised for coming late at night. 

The society which doesn't have an Occupancy Certificate (OC) and a legal administrative body cannot restrict a tenant. So they put notices around the premises asking owners to avoid bachelor tenants, said Bablu, a broker from Greater Noida. 

Bablu added that other residents cannot do anything if the house owners wish to let out their flat to bachelors, who usually give more rent than a family.