Herd of cows bring Dwarka to halt

Photo: CitySpidey
Posted: Sep 11, 2019

A herd of cows led by men dressed in Rajasthani attire brought Dwarka city to a standstill when they passed through a busy road crossing, KM Chowk. 

A video shot by CitySpidey reporter shows scores of cows, heading towards Sector 12, are passing through the city's the KM Chowk. 

Their presence in the busy area resulted in a massive traffic jam. In the Vehicles were seen making a failed attempt of wading through the herd.

It is not the first time when such a herd was spotted in Dwarka city. People have raised the issue with the authorities and have asked them to manage these cows. Because such scenarios can lead to an accident in which, either the human being or the animal can get injured. If not that, then some of the cows can end up at a dump yard eating waste material, plastic and other hazardous materials.

Watch the video here.

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