Noida: Residents of Sector 51 complain about overflowing of drains

Photo: CitySpidey
Posted: Sep 11, 2019

Residents of Sector 51, Noida, on Wednesday, complained to the Noida Industrial Development Authority demanding action against drainage water on roads in their residential pockets.

Sanjeev Kumar, Secretary of RWA, sector 51, made the complaint to Ritu Maheshwari, Chief Executive Officer of Noida authority via Twitter.

In the post, he said that all the drains of sector 51 are full of sewer water now. This happened because the cleaning staff deployed by the Noida Authority released the sewer water into the drain while cleaning the sewer lines.

He said, "The act of discharging sewer in drain line is an open violation of National Green Tribunal's norm, which prohibits flowing of sewer in the drain line. But the authority did not pay any heed to NGT's orders and continued discharging sewer in the drain line.

Kumar also tagged the complaint to the central and state (Uttar Pradesh) Pollution Control Board to draw their attention towards this issue which is of grave concern. He said, ''The drains are now overflowing in the sector and water on the roads of the residential pockets. Action should be taken to provide relief to the residents.''

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