Noida: Bhumi Pujan held ahead of Ramleela play commencement

Photo: CitySpidey
Posted: Sep 12, 2019

As Navratri is round the corner, ‘Ramleela’ artists and organising committees have started performing ‘Bhumi Pujan’ for staging the 10-day long play.

In line with this, Sriram Lakhan Dharmik Leela Committee on Wednesday organised a ‘Bhumi Pujan’ at the Ramleela ground in block A of Sector 46, Noida, for the second consecutive year.

On the occasion, BP Agarwal, Chairman; Vipin Agarwal, President; Raghvendra Dubey, General Secretary; Rajendra Jain; Poonam Singh; Sanjay Goyal; Shailendra Baranwal; Yogendra Sharma and others were also present.

The 10-day long festivity attracts scores of spectators from across residential sectors. The committee also invites officials from the district administration, and Noida Development Authority as guests. 

Navratri festival is celebrated differently in different regions of the country. In the western region, states like Gujarat celebrate the festival for nine days, that's why the name, Navratri. 

Whereas, in eastern India, especially in West Bengal the festival is known as Durga Puja and it is celebrated for four days (starting from the sixth day of Navratri). 

In Delhi, the festival is marked with a special 10-day long play based on the events described in the holy book of Ramayana and it is staged in front of spectators. 

In southern India, the last three days (including the 10th day) is dedicated to the goddess Saraswati of knowledge, art, music and wisdom. During this period people worship their books, pencil and other education-related items.

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