Ghaziabad: Now borrow steel utensils for free from 'Bartan Bank'
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Ghaziabad: Now borrow steel utensils for free from 'Bartan Bank'

The initiative aims to encourage people to ditch plastic, thermocol utensils.

Ghaziabad: Now borrow steel utensils for free from 'Bartan Bank'

With an aim to encourage people to use environment-friendly ways to serve food, the Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation (GMC) has adopted a new way to move away from thermocol or plastic items by creating a 'Bartan Bank.'

The corporation made the initiative available for the public on Thursday.

As the name suggests, 'Bartan Bank' has a wide range of steel utensils that are required to host a function. It includes steel plates, cutleries, vessels, bowls, glasses, etc. In order to promote the bank among the masses, the corporation has decided to lend the steel items for free of cost. 

"People can borrow them at free of cost. We want the public to adopt the habit using steel utensils which cause no harm to the environment,” said Dinesh Chandra, Commissioner, GMC.

Though the utensils can be borrowed free of cost, a heavy sum as security is required to be deposited. GMC will only charge if the utensils borrowed are returned in a bad condition.

For months now, the GMC has been stockpiling the utensils for the bank. The move has come after the UP government put a blanket ban on sale, use, and distribution of plastics and thermocol from October 2018. However, the ban is ineffective as thermocol and plastic products were rampantly sold and used. Bhandaras, and other social ceremonies are some of the major examples where the ban is openly violated.

Commissioner of GMC, Dinesh Chandra, has put focus in discouraging the use of plastics. On different occasions, he had fined Rs 500 to two visitors after they offered plastic visiting cards. 

Even during the pilgrimage, Kanwar Yatra, he appealed camp organisers to use steel utensils. In order to promote the idea, the authority also offered steel utensils to the kanwariyas.

Shalini  Petwal
Shalini Petwal
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