Noida Authority comes up with crockery bank to curb plastic use
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Noida Authority comes up with crockery bank to curb plastic use

At the inauguration, CEO of Noida Authority announced that the service was available free of cost to all.

Noida Authority comes up with crockery bank to curb plastic use

Noida Industrial Development Authority launched a Bartan (crockery) bank in the city to reduce the use of plastic and thermocol plates and bowls during social gatherings and parties. 

The crockery bank, which is set up at Noida stadium in Sector 21A, was inaugurated on Saturday by Ritu Maheshwari, Chief Executive Officer of the Noida Authority. At the inauguration, she announced that the service would be available free of cost. 

She said, “During small functions, disposable plates and glasses are used. Hence, we have come up with this initiative which will replace plastic utensils with steel ones. The service will be available free of cost. However, a nominal refundable fee would be collected from those who access the service of the bank. They would get the money back on depositing the utensils back in the bank.”

Currently, the bank has 2,500 sets of utensils which will be increased to 5,000 depending upon the demand. 

Maheshwari also announced that the authority is planning to set up similar bank at a different location for the convenience of users. She said, “Currently, some resident bodies are doing the same. The authority may extend support to them to encourage other resident bodies to follow suit.

To avail the service, one is required to place an order 24 hours in advance. The official will collect a refundable fee of Rs. 100 per set that includes one piece of plate, glass and spoon. The user will also be required to give a Xerox copy of his/her identity cards at the time of booking. 

While returning the consignment, the users will have to ensure that the utensils are duly washed. In case of delay or damage to the utensils, a fine will be levied. 

If the user fails to return the utensils within 24 hours, a penalty of Rs. 5 per set per day will be imposed on him. The fine will be doubled in case of delay of more than three days. 

Maheshwari informed that on a holiday, order can be placed by making a phone call to the bank. 

Officials from the authority informed after the launch of the bartan bank that they have received call from around 20 people who inquired about the service. 

K K Jain, general secretary of Federation of Noida Resident Welfare Association (FONRWA) called it a “good initiative” and said it will go a long way in reducing the use of plastic and thermocol utensils.

''We will educate all the residents in Noida to avail the free services offered by the bank to save the environment. By doing this, we could help make city plastic free,'' he added.