GDA rolls up its sleeves to restore swamped park

Posted: Jan 21, 2016     By Abid Hussain Barlaskar

Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA) has begun restoration work on an Indirapuram park that is submerged in waste water. The park lies close to the residential area of Abhay Khand.

Residents are affected by the unbearable stench emanating from the water. "We have been inhaling the foul air for more than a year. The stagnant water is also a breeding ground for mosquitoes," said MP Garg, President of the Gaur Green Avenue RWA.

A drain to divert the waste water is being developed by GDA. To be functional in two months, it will prevent further inflow from its source in Khoda village.

The Authority is also filling up the flooded park with soil to revert it to its original shape under the Green UP, Clean UP initiative. "We will complete the project by March 2016," said Area Horticulture Inspector, Govind Singh.





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