Waste management awareness workshop for Gurugram residents
Waste management awareness workshop for Gurugram residents
Akanksha Gupta
Waste management awareness workshop for Gurugram residents
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Waste management awareness workshop for Gurugram residents

As part of its mission to promote segregation of waste at source and motivate people to adopt sustainable waste management, Meant4Environment Foundation conducted a waste segregation awareness campaign on Sunday at Tulip Market in Sector 70.

More than 100 people participated in a workshop organised on the occasion. At the workshop, which lasted for four hours, shopkeepers and staff of shops along with the residents were explained about the importance and the need for waste segregation at source. They were taught how to segregate wet and dry garbage generated at the source. 

They were asked to keep three garbage bins, green for wet waste, blue for dry waste and red for hazardous waste, so that making compost out of the waste and separating recyclable waste becomes easier. In doing so, only limited waste generated would go to the landfills. 

Moreover, they were informed about the Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon (MCG) guidelines on Solid Waste Management.

Manju Ranjan, founder-director of Meant4Environment Foundation and resident of Tulip Purple, said, "We are working to spread awareness on saving the environment asking people to take up small efforts together and thereby help in achieving sustainable development. We are spreading awareness on waste segregation at source in residential and commercial premises. Our approach is to align the service provider, training the staff and residents, spreading awareness and monitoring the progress."

Volunteers from KR Manglam University along with the members of Apple facility were also present at the workshop. During the progress of the workshop, a wide variety of fun-filled activities, quizzes, games etc. were organised to send across the message on waste management. The information was provided through games and activities to make sure that residents learn and retain the information. They also took a pledge to make the market completely solid waste management compliant. 

Tapasya Ohri, a resident of Tulip Orange said, "It was an informative workshop which helped me understand the segregation of our daily waste."

Another resident Kanti Bhatt, Executive Members of Tulip White RWA, said, "It is a great initiative as it can help in achieving our goal of having a clean environment."