Dwarka shocker: Three shops burgled in one night
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Dwarka shocker: Three shops burgled in one night

Thieves broke shutters of three shops to take away cash in Sector 10 market.

Dwarka shocker: Three shops burgled in one night

Shopkeepers and residents of Dwarka woke up to a rude shock on Tuesday morning. News of burglaries in, not one, but as many as three shops, that too, on a single night in the sub city came as a bolt from the blue. 

All the three shops burgled last night are located in Sector 10 market of Dwarka. In the dead of night, the thieves broke open the shutters of the shops and ransacked the premises for cash before decamping with the booty. 

What was surprising was that in all the three cases, the culprits took away only cash and did not touch any of the shop stuff. The shops that were targeted by the thieves are: a stationery shop, a food joint and a medical store.  

According to one of the shopkeeper, the burglary was captured by a CCTV camera installed in his shop. He said that the incident happened at around 4am. 

Gaurav Bansal, shopkeeper of the medical store, said that the thieves broke the shutter and glass doors to enter his shop. According to his estimation, the thieves could be able to steal approximately Rs 50,000. 

He also disclosed about a robbery bid at his shop a few months ago.  

Owner of the stationery shop, S Khullar, said that though the thieves ransack the entire premises, they were not able to lay their hands on a single penny as they could not reach the cash drawer. 

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“The Cash drawer,”  he said “was surrounded by books and other stuff to conceal it. But they have left the shop in a mess with stationery strewn all around,” said the shopkeeper.

At the food joint, the thieves were successful in stealing the cash kept in the drawer. However, the shopkeeper was not able to ascertain the amount the culprits made away with. He was still figuring the amount he had left in the drawer before leaving for the night.

The incident has shaken the residents of the area as never before. They are wondering how could such daring robberies take place in such an upmarket which comes under round-the-clock surveillance. 

As the incident was reported to the local police station, a team of cops arrived at the spot to gather evidence for investigation.