Dwarka, Sector 7: Why can't the grass be greener on this side?
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Dwarka, Sector 7: Why can't the grass be greener on this side?

With DDA counting on rains to water the plants, this neighbourhood park, once full of flowers, is a picture of neglect.

Dwarka, Sector 7: Why can't the grass be greener on this side?

Unsatisfied with the upkeep of the park in Sector 7, Dwarka, residents are demanding a makeover of the park located between Harsukh Apartments and Kamal Vihar Apartments.

According to them, the condition of the park is pathetic and the area has become a dry patch of land. The lights are missing and there are not enough benches. The horticulture of the park is in a state of neglect. Residents and members of the morning walkers’ club say that the park has been in this state for more than 10 years now.

Ravi Jaitely, joint secretary of Harsukh Apartments, says, "There is no source of water for this park. The DDA depends upon rains, which is not sufficient for its maintenance throughout the year. It is one of the busiest parks in the area, but due to the negligence of the DDA, it is in a poor state. They should at least provide more benches and proper lights."

Residents say that earlier, there used to be plants and flowers; the DDA also planted saplings. But these have now gone dry.

Avtar Singh Narwal, a resident of Rashi Apartments, recalls, "I have been here since 2002, and am a regular visitor to the park. There used to be flowers and central lights here earlier. Now, the condition is pathetic. And only the DDA is to blame."

Residents also complain that the DDA officials assured them of a makeover, but there is no sign of any work yet. Bhagwan Singh Jamwal, an elderly citizen and resident of Harsukh Apartments, says, "About six months ago, one of the DDA's horticulture officials assured us of its complete makeover, but nothing has happened. We request them to look into the matter."

When City Spidey contacted Prem Chandra, deputy director of horticulture, he said, "I will check the issue with the official in charge of the area's horticulture, and will do the needful."