41-year-old from Antariksh Greens crowned Mrs. India
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41-year-old from Antariksh Greens crowned Mrs. India

She competed for a total of seven rounds and was declared winner by the winner of previous year. 

41-year-old from Antariksh Greens crowned Mrs. India

A 41-year-old woman from Indirapuram did the area proud winning a prestigious beauty pageant held in Mumbai. Garima Agarwal, a resident of Antariksh Greens, a high-rise in Ahinsa Khand II, has been crowned Mrs. India at IAWA Mrs. India contest. 

She competed for a total of seven rounds and was declared winner by the winner of previous year. 

Buoyed by the success, Garima has decided not to stop here. She said she was looking forward to compete in Mrs. Universe competition. 

The contest was judged by a five-member jury comprising Usman Khan, music director, Arvinder Singer, singer, Neelu Kohli, television actress, Pankaj Beri, director, and Sunil Pal, stand-up comedian.

The newly crowned Mrs. India said she received huge applause in talent round where she performed rhythmic yoga. She also bagged an award for best performance in the talent round. 

Garima Agarwal worked hard to prepare herself for the finale of the mega event. She took yoga and fitness lessons from one of her friends to show it as a skill in the talent round.

“My best moment was to achieve this milestone in front of my whole family, husband, children and parents, who came to Mumbai especially to cheer me up,” she said. 

The lady originally hails from Lucknow and is living in Indirapuram with her husband and two daughters for the last seven years. Her elder daughter is 15 while the younger one is 10-years-old. Her husband, Ankur Agarwal, works as an engineer in a private firm, while she looks after the home.

On being asked about the competition in the contest, she said that encouragement from friends made her take up the challenge. 

“I have always been quite serious about my fitness and have a toned body. My friends suggested me to participate in beauty contests organised for married women. Initially, I did not take the seriously. But one day when I got to know about this beauty contest, I recalled their words and told them about this. They all encouraged me. I discussed it with my husband, he too supported the idea. Then, without further thoughts, I sent my portfolio.”

However, the field is not new for her. She said, “I have done modelling during my graduation. Later, when my parents disapproved of it, I joined an NGO and worked there for several years before getting married. However, Mrs. Agarwal now aims to fulfil her pre marriage dream. 

“If an opportunity comes may way, I will definitely give it a shot,” she asserted.

Besides, Mrs. Agarwal would also like to immerse herself again into social work. “After migrating to a different city post marriage, I got involved in social work. Later, as the responsibility of children came in the way I could not pursue it. But now that my children have grown up and can take care of themselves, I can restart my work for social welfare,” she said.

Her daughters are on cloud nine. “They both are very happy that I have won the crown,” she said.

“Besides, my relatives are super happy as no one in our family has ever done anything in the field of beauty and entertainment," she added.

She is now aiming to get into the entertainment industry.