Noida: Mahagun Moderne finally gets crockery bank in society
Noida: Mahagun Moderne finally gets crockery bank in society
Mirah Zamin
Noida: Mahagun Moderne finally gets crockery bank in society
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Noida: Mahagun Moderne finally gets crockery bank in society

After much contestation with apartment owners association (AOA) over the steel of utensil bank, residents of Mahagun Moderne, a residential society in Noida's Sector 78, could be able to inaugurate their crockery bank on October 2 . 

The MM Crockery Bank is the result of perseverance of a group of woman members of the society's clubhouse against the hurdles the AOA created in their way.

Shubhra Rai, a resident described the bank in famous words of Abraham Lincoln defining the democracy: “Of the people, by the people and for the people. She called it the result of collective efforts of the residents.

“With the contribution of 76 residents of the society to this initiative, we have bought 100 sets of utensils which including plates, bowls, glasses and spoons of high-quality stainless steel with different designs. We will add more when required,” narrated Shubhra. 

The idea, she said was to bring such crockery that no resident would hesitate to use. “We have taken much time in selecting the crockery keeping several factors like design, size etc in mind.”

The idea for the crockery bank came up when the residents started borrowing crockery sets from each other for dinners and parties to avoid using any plastic. "A few months ago, I had organised a get-together for friends. Since I didn't want to use plastic plates. I had to borrowed crockery from my neighbours. After the experience, I realised that a bank will not only help reduce dependence on plastic but also go a long way in bringing the residents closer to each other,” Shubhra recounted.

Shubhra, along with other residents and children of the society, has been working on making world a better place to live in through door-to-door campaigns like waste segregation awareness and use of cloth bags. The utensil bank is a new addition to their mission.

Maintenance agency, JLL, will help the residents in the smooth running of the bank. The residents can approach them for the utensils any time .

It needs mention here that Mahagun Moderne already has a bartan bank with 1,000 utensil sets which was set up by the AOA last month. But the residents have alleged that the association took the idea from the email sent to it for setting up of the bank a few months ago.