Cultural society dedicates Durga Puja pandal to Bengali cinema
Cultural society dedicates Durga Puja pandal to Bengali cinema
Ashish Srivastava
Cultural society dedicates Durga Puja pandal to Bengali cinema
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Cultural society dedicates Durga Puja pandal to Bengali cinema

Known for making theme-based fancy pandals for Durga Puja, Prantic Cultural Society has dedicated this year’s Durga Puja pandal to the Bengali Cinema.

As the Bengali cinema completed its glorious 100 years, the Indirapuram-based Bengali cultural association has chosen it as this year’s theme for their yearly Durga Puja pandal.

“The reason for choosing the theme for the pandal is to commemorate the historic century of Bengali cinema,” said Abhijeet Roy, president of Prantic Cultural Society.

The pandal showcases the legendary works and artists of Bengali cinematic universe through murals and posters. It has been decorated with artworks of legends like Satyajeet Ray, Ritwik Ghosh, Mrinal Sen and many others.

For the construction of pandal, the society specially called artists from West Bengal. Tapas Maity, along with his dedicated team, designed and decorated the pandal using all their skill and creativity.

The society is famous for organising cultural programmes during the nine-days of festivity. Last year, it had raised a pandal based on the theme of the Mayan civilization. This year, popular vocalist, Suresh Vadekar, has been invited to perform at a cultural event of the society.

“This year as well, we are inviting renowned artists. However, the list is yet to be finalised. We will announce once it’s finalised,” Roy informed.

Keeping in mind the deteriorating environment, the society has come up with a an eco-friendly pandal. Anupma Sarkar, secretary of Prantic, said the all the material used in raising the pandal is biodegradable.

“We have used natural colours, jute clothes, polish made of mud and hay in the construction of the pandal,” Roy said.

Manik Pal, the Chittaranjan Park based famous idol-maker known for making environment-friendly idols, designed the idol of Goddess Durga. He uses no artificial colours in the making of the idol.

Established in 2008, Prantic Cultural society is a socio-cultural forum consisting of groups of people who are passionate towards preserving and promoting Bengali art and culture. The society had won the first prize of the Bengal Association in 2016 for decoration of its pandal.

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