New Gurugram residents bask in the glory of Durga Puja
New Gurugram residents bask in the glory of Durga Puja
Akanksha Gupta
New Gurugram residents bask in the glory of Durga Puja
Photo: CitySpidey

New Gurugram residents bask in the glory of Durga Puja

Residents of New Gurugram came together to celebrate the victory of Goddess Durga over the demon king, Mahishasura.  This is the fourth year of the Durga Puja celebration at the community lawn of Vatika India Next, Sector 82, Gurugram.

Probashi Bangaliyana Club (PBC) is celebrating the occasion with gaiety and grandeur. Today was the penultimate day of the four-day long event, one of the biggest events in entire New Gurugram marked by the spirit of togetherness and brotherhood. The festival will come to a close tomorrow.  

Ashish Chakrabarty, General Secretary of Probashi Bangaliyana Club, proclaimed, with a sense of accomplishment, that this was fourth consecutive year of organising Durga Puja. 
“It is seen that with every year the Puja arrangements are becoming bigger and better,” he said sharing his experience.

“This year Ma Durga’s Idol is in Vaishnavi decor based on Sarat season and stands out from most of the NCR idols of Ma Durga. The mandap (pandal) and the theme of the entire venue is red, a colour that symbolises power. And the hanging bells used in the entire celebration area is a sign of positivity and serenity," he explained.

Throughout the celebration, the residents were treated to traditional rituals, drumbeats, colours, hymns and choicest delicacies.

Sayandeb Bose, Joint Secretary of Probashi Bangaliyana Club, said, “From the lens of a Bengali family pujo, the celebration is not limited to Pujo alone but it's all about spending quality time with family, adda with friends, finger-licking food, and some heart-to-heart interaction on topics ranging from culture to economics to world politics.”

The Puja celebrations also include several cultural programmes of both in-house performers as well as celebrity performances on almost all evenings.

This year, the Puja committee has also taken a pledge for an eco-friendly Puja celebration and initiated a campaign to avoid using single-use plastic as much possible. 

"Everything, from idol making to pandal decoration, was done without using any polluting or hazardous material,” said Shubhashish Chaterjee, Joint Secretary of PBC."

The celebration will conclude with Sindoor Khela (applying of vermilion) on Dashami (Tuesday) when all married women would come together to decorate Ma Durga with sindoor and saree to bid farewell to her in style.