Escalate the Joy of being a parent at CloudNine
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Escalate the Joy of being a parent at CloudNine

Come and feel the evolution of Childbirth in Noida

Escalate the Joy of being a parent at CloudNine

Childbirth is a crucial period for a mother, especially if it’s her first time. At the beginning of the 20th century, childbirth was an intimate and private affair, with visits to the doctor as and when required.

Memoirs of my childbirth got revived during a recent visit to a friend, who just delivered a baby a day back at CloudNine hospital, which happens to be a single speciality hospital catering needs of the mother and child.

I clearly remember that the doctor kept coming to visit me all night long, to check on me; however, she didn't bother to acknowledge me or my pain. She would speak to my nurse, following which she would leave. My husband was highly anxious until he saw the first glimpse of our child.

My husband remembers that post showing the face of the baby the only time he was mentioned or was even acknowledged at the hospital was when he was asked to pay the bill or fetch the medicines for the mother.

Now, when I received a call from my friend to reach CloudNine immediately, I kept wondering, while having a baby, how could she be that composed and at ease! CloudNine is no ordinary hospital, to say the least. The moment I entered it, I felt jollity. The hospital was aesthetically pleasing starting from the helpdesk to the waiting room. 

Something that was immensely joy evoking was that the entire family and well-wishers were important here in CloudNine. The father to be had a room where he could rest along with his family after welcoming the new member and the new mother has a bright place to rejuvenate after the operation theatre stress. A flourishing beacon of hope had been given the kiss of life thanks to the multiple serves of piping hot coffee along with snacks.

Trends and changes in childbirth methods here feature how this specialised hospital chain, CloudNine is instrumental in escalating the joy of being a parent.

 While interacting with the management of the hospital they shared that the hospital works on the aim that health, well-being and emotions of the mother and child at birth principally shape the future health and wellness of the not only the duo but the entire family.

The vision of CloudNine hospital highlights that the result of childbirth is not the only aspect of importance in a mother’s well-being. How a woman experiences her terms of pregnancy and moment of childbirth is most important for an expectant mother’s association with the child and future childbearing experiences.

CloudNine tailors the processes that help women develop their

birth plan. The hospital additionally, has numerous cutting-edge operation theatres, ergonomic labour delivery rooms, comprehensive prenatal workshops and state-of-the-art technologies that are most favourable to the expecting mother’s birthing experience. 

The entire process of childbirth on Cloudnine is premeditated, keeping both the mother and the father in mind. A specialised team here makes sure that the entire plan is a splendid blend of baby-ready workshops, further planning sessions, celebrations, photography and more for the parents. Everything is conceptualised for a seamless experience and to create happy memories.

Childbirth is much more patient-centric today than it ever was, and I think that's exactly what modern women are looking for. A personalised childbirth experience in CloudNine is as much for the family as it is for the mother. It celebrates the essence of becoming a mother while creating a magical experience.

We have come a long way with hospitals like CloudNine.

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