Open burning of garbage rampant in Greater Noida West
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Open burning of garbage rampant in Greater Noida West

A resident saw smoke coming out from burning of garbage near Gaur City stadium on Thursday morning.

Open burning of garbage rampant in Greater Noida West

The issue of burning of garbage is so grave that the Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board's (UPPCB) has decided to geotag locations which are prone to burning of garbage. Despite all these initiatives to check the practise, garbage burning is rampant all across Greater Noida.  

On Thursday, garbage was found burning at four different locations across Greater Noida West.

As per the passersby, the spots at which the garbage was found burning are not new, and since past many months, smoke has been seen emanating from the spots very often.

Tushar Sinha, a resident of Gaur City in Greater Noida was passing by when he saw smoke under the Hindon River Bridge at around 6 pm on Thursday.

Talking to CitySpidey, Tushar said, “It is very sad that burning of garbage is happening in broad daylight. Persons doing it should be caught by the authorities.”

Another resident of Greater Noida, saw flames near Gaur City stadium on Thursday morning when he was out for a walk.

“ I have seen this happening at least every alternate day. Police officials also cross the area. They do not bother to stop the burning of garbage,” Ketan said. 

In last December, a study had revealed that the toxicity in the air in the Greater Noida region was because of this garbage burning in open.

An official from UPPCB told our reporter that the garbage is burnt either by rag pickers or contractors who feel there is no other way to dispose off waste.