GreNo: Desperate Omricon-1 residents approach NMRC for bus connectivity
GreNo: Desperate Omricon-1 residents approach NMRC for bus connectivity
Mirah Zamin
GreNo: Desperate Omricon-1 residents approach NMRC for bus connectivity
Photo: CitySpidey

GreNo: Desperate Omricon-1 residents approach NMRC for bus connectivity

Residents of Omricon-1 in Greater Noida wrote to the Managing director Noida Metro Rail Corporation (NMRC) with a request to extend bus route to their area.

Approximately 500 families live in Omricon-1A. In a letter signed by residents of several societies in Omricon-1, they stressed the need for extension of the bus route 103A up to Omricon roundabout (near Supertech Czar society).

The bus is already plying up to the Omricon sector to Metro depot station. They want it extended up to omicron 1.

Yogendra Mavi, general secretary of Resident Welfare Association (RWA) of Omricon 1A, listing the commuting woes of the people of the locality in the absence of bus connectivity to the Metro station, said, “In our letter, we have requested the NMRC to divert the bus route to our sector so that we too could have direct access to metro service.”

Since most of the residents of Sector Omricon 1A belong to the working class, they face a lot of hardship in their daily commute to workplaces due to lack of a reliable public transport that could connect them to the Metro.

In the absence of the public transport service, the residents either have to cover quite a distance on foot or take a ride to Pari Chowk or any other bus depot to board a bus to any of the Metro stations.

Residents of other societies like Supertech Czar, Stellar, Plumeria garden, Gaur Atulyam, Eldeco Mystic Greens and others have also written to the NMRC with a similar request.

Anil Mishra, a resident of Eldeco Mystic Greens has been in touch with the concerned authority since early this year in pursuit of their demand. Speaking to CitySpidey, he said he was told a survey was needed to be conducted before launching the transport service here as it would cost the NMRC Rs 135 per km.”

While there is a bus service on this route, there is no direct Metro connectivity and hence we approached the officials. Underlining the need for the service, Anil says, “The last-mile connectivity will not only benefit the residents but will also reduce the carbon footprint.”

As of now, the commuters have no option but to use private cars, taxis or autos. Since Taxi and auto service is unrealiable every family prefers to own more than one car as car has become the only means of transportation.

Approximately 6,000 families live in the Omricon sector. They all will benefit from the extension of bus route getting direct connectivity to Pari Chowk, Metro stations and the Botanical Garden.

NMRC officials acknowledged receipt of the letter from the residents on September 18. They have forwarded it to the higher officials.