Complaint against encroachment on Grand Omaxe open space
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Complaint against encroachment on Grand Omaxe open space

The complainants wrote that despite several notices, Tyagi went ahead with the construction.

Complaint against encroachment on Grand Omaxe open space

Residents of Grand Omaxe, a high rise in Sector 93 B, wrote a letter to phase-II police station, Noida, complaining against a fellow resident. In their complaint, they alleged that Tyagi, who is said to be a leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), carried out new construction at his flat in the society in violation of the society’s by-laws.

The complainants wrote that despite several notices issued to him by the society’s apartment owner association (AOA) calling to stop the construction he went ahead with his construction plan to illegally occupy open space.

According to the complaint, Tyagi along with his ten bodyguards and goons, had allegedly occupied an open area facing his flat in the society. The residents had called the police on helpline number 100 when they first noticed his illegal activities, but the police did not pay heed. Later, when they confronted him, his men misbehaved with them. Now, he is intimidating them with dire consequences. 

The residents urged the local police to register a complaint against Tyagi and initiate action against him in accordance with the law.

According to the police, two separate complaints were received by them, but no case could be registered as the matter was of illegal construction which comes under the jurisdiction of the Noida Industrial Development Authority.

In his defence, Tyagi said that he wanted to plant saplings but the AOA) opposed it. He alleged that the association was opposing the move because he had hired labourers from outside and the AOA could not charge higher amount from him. 

According to the association, the construction was in violation of the society's by-laws. Tyagi forcefully took a carriage loaded with construction material inside the society despite an objection raised by on-duty guards.