Vipul Belmonte residents initiate decentralised waste management
Vipul Belmonte residents initiate decentralised waste management
Akanksha Gupta
Vipul Belmonte residents initiate decentralised waste management
Photo: CitySpidey

Vipul Belmonte residents initiate decentralised waste management

In yet another step towards making the society a zero-waste community, residents of Vipul Belmonte in sector 53, Gurugram,  have initiated the decentralised waste management in the society.

The composting unit, which caters to 312 flats of 10 towers in the society, was recently inaugurated by the children of the society. The unit has a capacity of processing 300 kg per day. 

RWA along with the waste management team of the society joined hands with Green Bandhu, a city based solid waste management firm, to implement the project in the society.

While talking to Cityspidey, Nina Gupta, one of the members of Vipul Belmonte waste management team, informed that the society residents were already segregating waste at the source for the last two years but Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG) vendors, who picked up the segregated waste, used to mix up all the waste and then dump at the landfill site.

“The residents have been doing waste segregation at the source level in the society and now all the wet waste generating from the society will turn into compost. 60-70 percent of waste generated is usually wet waste which can be recycled into compost. Our vision is make our society zero-waste community and not to send waste to landfill site.”

Now all the wet waste collected from door-to-door will be washed using sewage treatment plant (STP) processed water. It will be then dried and mulched to remove the moisture from the waste. Thereafter,  all the wet waste will be put into the compost pits with dry leaves and bacteria for naturally composting. It takes nearly 40 days to complete the process.

Shalu Jain, another member said, “All the manure will be used for green covers and will sold to the residents for their individual use.”

Besides, the society has taken series of steps for waste management with four way segregation already in place. Bhavna Sharma, another member of the waste management team, said, “We are managing e-waste, multi layered plastic (MLP) waste, campaign for plastic free society and others. Now we are working on dry waste so that it is properly disposed without degrading the environment. We want to become model society in waste management and make sure only minimum waste goes to landfill site.”