Can Gurgaon become an eco-friendly city?
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Can Gurgaon become an eco-friendly city?

The prime focus of Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon is on making the city plastic-free.

Can Gurgaon become an eco-friendly city?

Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon (MCG) has planned to make the city an eco-friendly zone. Keeping in mind the increasing pollution levels, the ubiquitous use of plastic bags and the lack of proper waste-disposal system, the civic body has roped in the city's auto drivers to bring about a positive change. Earlier this month, MCG had launched an initiative to train auto drivers to report incidents of littering and water wastage.

MCG's prime focus is on making the city polythene-free.

Auto drivers will distribute eco-friendly polybags to all commuters in a bid to achieve that. More than 10,000 autos will carry eco-friendly messages, urging people to save water and discourage the use of plastic bags. 

Launching the campaign, the municipal commissioner and deputy commissioner TL Satya Prakash appealed to residents to not use polythene bags and asked them to take an oath to educate others on the harmful effects of plastic bags. Speaking to residents, the officials said that polythene bags choke sewers and cause several animal deaths every year. 

A similar campaign was planned about a year ago to implement a blanket ban on plastic bags. The campaign was aimed at users, manufacturers, stockists, transporters and distributors of plastic bags. The drive, part of the ambitious Swachhta Abhiyan, had failed to produce the desired results then.

Hope this one is a success.