Ban on diesel gensets comes into force; residents in quandary
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Ban on diesel gensets comes into force; residents in quandary

CitySpidey talked to many residents about the banning of diesel gensets.

Ban on diesel gensets comes into force; residents in quandary

As the directive of Environment Pollution (Prevention and Control) Authority (EPCA) to ban the operation of diesel gensets as preventive measure came into effect, the local administration on Tuesday started taking strict action against violators in Noida.  

Shailendra Mishra, City Magistrate seized a ready-mix concrete plant at Sector 79. This plant was operational at the site of Lotus Aroma, a group housing project in the city. Four on-duty staff were also arrested from the plant. 

Among the other measures taken against pollution menace, sprinkling of water on dusty roads has also started in the city. But the residents have also started bearing the brunt of it. CitySpidey talked to many residents about the banning of gensets. Most of them were found to be agitated with the sudden action.

They complained that the steps are going to cause huge inconvenience to everyone residing in multi-storey complexes. 

Ved Prakash, a resident of Prateek Laurel, a high rise in Sector 120, Noida said, “We are not against enforcement of the directive as this is for keeping the pollution levels under control. But the authority should not have done it suddenly. Residents should have been given time of two to three months to arrange alternative options. It would have helped in continuing with the basic services in the societies.” 

Another resident, Col (retired) C Prakash, who has been residing at Aditya Urban Casa, another high rise in Sector 79, Noida said that enforcement agencies are forcing them to go against the rules. 

He said that the agency always goes for soft target. “There are rampant violations of rules in rural areas where farmers are operating diesel pumping set to water land. Heavy vehicles are releasing more carbon dioxide than diesel gensets. They are not acting against. But it imposed ban on operation of only diesel gensets,” he said. 

He continued, “We have been residing in a society which witnesses frequent power cuts. In such a scenario, we need power back up for continuing with the facilities like passenger lifts and water supply. With the sudden banning of operation, the routine lives of people living in high rises are going to be affected.” 

Stressing that more preparedness was required before banning the operation of gensets, he said that the government should have ensured round the clock power supply to the residents.

Sandeep Singh, President of AOA, Mahagun Moderne, another high rise, said, “Banning the operation of diesel generator sets in Delhi-NCR cities is a welcome step as it would keep the pollution levels under control.”