Attendants bring along Karwa tidings to AIIMS
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Attendants bring along Karwa tidings to AIIMS

10 to 12 female and male attendants observed fast and follow the rituals in the wards.

Attendants bring along Karwa tidings to AIIMS

Shyama Devi, 36,  from Deoria in UP, is languishing at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) for the last four months for the treatment of only son, Dev. The boy Neurocysticercosis (NCC), a brain infection.

Only last week Dev was operated upon. While striving hard, Shyama, along with  Mukesh, to save her son's life, Shyama did not forget her obligation towards her husband on Karwa Chauth. From observing fast for the day, breaking the fast on sighting the Moon to praying for her husband's long life, she carried out all the rituals associated with the festival.  

This was most probably the first time when the AIIMS witnessed an attendant observing fast of Karwa in its promises. 

Shyama was not alone. We found 10 to 12 female and male attendants who observe fast of Karwa and follow all the rituals in the ward. Shyama's son is admitted to the general ward of the hospital. But Shyama offered Ardh (obeisance) to Moon late in the evening. 
She said it does not matter if we couldn't wear a brand new sari and heavy jewellery for the occasion as long as we have the devotion. 
“My husband is with me is the only thing that matters to me a lot,” she proclaimed.
Ritu from Lucknow came to Delhi with her father-in-law, who was admitted to the AIIMS two week ago. She too was also on the fast of Karwa. She said, “We follow Karwa with traditional fervour. Since my mother-in-law is not around, I and my husband decided to fast while being in the ward." 
It is heartening to note that people do not give up their cultural and traditional values even in oddest circumstances. It's rightly said 'where there is will, there is the way'.