Dhanteras brings Diwali tidings to cheering Delhi
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Dhanteras brings Diwali tidings to cheering Delhi

Bringing new things at home during Dhanteras is considered very auspicious.

Dhanteras brings Diwali tidings to cheering Delhi

It's that time of the year when one suddenly starts noticing a rumbling in the markets. People rushing to local markets, departmental stores, shoppping malls and retail outlets for a shopping spree and markets wearing a festive look with all kinds of products to cater to the special needs of the customers, all this points to the fact that Dhanteras is here. The day has brought in its wake smile on the faces of both shoppers and shopkeepers in Delhi. 

What's Dhanteras? 

Dhanteras,also known as Dhanatrayodashi or Dhanvantari, the first day of the five-day long Diwali. On this day, people worship and pray Goddess Laxmi for prosperity. 

The word Dhanteras is a combination of two words – Dhan (weath) and teras (the figure 13 which represents the thirteenth day of the Krishna Paksh, the dark aspect of the lunar month Kartik.

Bringing new things at home during Dhanteras is considered very auspicious. Hence, people buy valuable products like ornaments, gemstones and metal household products as it is believed that buying new things brings Laxmi or wealth at home. 

Everyone, rich or  poor, buy new things on this day. Those who cannot afford much buy clay utensils, middle class buy steel, while the rich buy gold.

Shaifali, a resident of Dilshad Garden said, “Goddess Laxmi is welcomed on this day. Most of the people buy steel utensils, but nowadays many people buy gold or silver coin on Dhanteras. Whatever new thing is bought, we keep that during puja on Diwali.”

People renovate their houses, get it whitewashed, clean, decorate their homes, make rangolis, light clay diyas (traditional lamps) and follow many other traditions. 

They stick readymade footprints of the Goddess Lakshmi as it is believed that it would bring wealth and prosperity to their homes. 

After sunset, people offer puja to Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesh for prosperity, wisdom and well being by offering rose or marigold garland, sweets, ghee diyas, dhoop deep, agarbatti, camphor, etc. At some places seven cereals (wheat, gram, barley, Urad, Moong, Masoor) are worshipped while performing puja. 

Buying a broom is considered auspicious on this occasion since Goddess Laxmi was very particular about cleaning. Markets line up with brooms. It is for this reason that people thoroughly clean their houses.

People chant mantras, religious songs and perform arti of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesh. 

Babita, a resident from Sangam Vihar, said, “We start our Diwali shopping from Dhanteras. We don’t do any shopping on the day of Diwali as it is believed that Laxmi will go away.”

This festival plays a great role in the lives of  people. It brings a lot happiness, wealth, prosperity, wisdom and good destiny for all. People clean up everything on this day in order to remove all the bad energy from their surroundings. People take bath and wear new clothes to clean up their body, mind and soul before performing puja.

Speaking about celebrating the occasion, Ritika, a resident of Faridabad said, “We light five diyas on this day in the corners of house, buy utensils and do shopping.”