Now, pet dog owners need to take licence from MCG

POSTED: 06-Nov-2018

Now, the pet dog owners are required to get a licence from the municipal corporation in the city of Gurgaon.

Although the municipal Act had mandated a licence for pet dogs almost a decade back, many municipal corporations have yet not implemented it.

The pet dog licence has been made mandatory in Gurgaon after Bengaluru, Mumbai and Pune.

The civic authority claimed that the move will help in controlling dog biting incidents in the city.

The pet dog owners will be required to fill an MCG form and submit a sterilisation certificate. They are also required to furnish a certificate from veterinary doctor mentioning that the dog was given anti-rabies vaccination.

There will be a fee of Rs 500 for the licence. The licence will be renewed every year. MCG will charge Rs 250 for renewal.

There will be strict action against the pet dog owners who will not get a licence from the MCG.