Prof Manhar Adil, 76, and Dr Satyabhama Adil, 72, live in Raipur but stay here with their son for six months every year
Photo: Jayati Sarkar
PHOTO KATHA: This is how silvers at G-town's Uppal's Southend start their day!

Posted: Sep 12, 2016     By Jayati Sarkar

Uppal's Southend in Sohna Road, Gurgaon, seems to be an ideal place for senior citizens who love its sprawling, open spaces and well-maintained parks. And yes, there is a large number of silver residents here, which makes it easier for them to foster friendships. Fashion photographer Jayati Sarkar, a resident herself of this upscale society, trains her camera on them during their morning ritual.


FITNESS FIRST: They don't need Pokemon Go to take long walks. 


BREATHING EASY: Two senior residents let the calm settle in.   


MOTION PICTURE: Mange Ram, 65, never misses his morning routine.  


LAUGHTER CHALLENGE: Yes, there's no better medicine — and they know it.


WISDOM AND FINE LINES: These wrinkles tell a million tales. 


SEAT OF SERENITY: Prithvi Singh, 79, watches the world go by at a frantic pace from his garden bench.


(An IT Engineer by profession, Jayati Sarkar found her passion in photography, which shows her the world in a new, different light every day, helping her work evolve with every click.) 



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