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Amrapali Village, Indirapuram: Where is the exit road that was promised?

Posted: Sep 15, 2016     By Abid Hussain Barlaskar

Residents of Amrapali Village, Indirapuram, are faced with a rather singular problem — they find entering and exiting the society a nightmare. That is because there is only gate, which leads to Kala Patthar Road. The exit gate towards NH 24 remains closed, as the road leading to it was never made.

On top of that, the access lane towards Kala Patthar Road is heavily encroached upon, making it especially difficult for residents with cars to manoeuvre the lane. The road is so congested that it is barely wide enough to accommodate two vehicles at a time. The society has more than 1,000 flats.

According to residents, the original layout had provisions for an exit road towards NH 24, which was used as the USP of the society. Residents are now wondering whether the exit road even existed in the Ghaziabad Development Authority's master plan.

In fact, at one point, they became so uncertain that Rakesh Kumar, RWA general secretary, filed an RTI query at the GDA. In response to this, the GDA confirmed the presence of a 120-ft-wide road towards NH 24.

City Spidey decided to take up the matter with Dayanand Prasad, officer on special duty (OSD) of GDA. Prasad said the road came under land that was still not acquired by the GDA, adding that the Authority had already passed orders for the demolition of encroachment in the area. However, the order was legally challenged by a resident of Makanpur village, who laid claim to the land. “We have to wait for the judgment of the Allahabad High Court,” Prasad said. 

Prasad added that the Authority had taken note of the encroachment on the society’s only approach road towards Kala Patthar, and would take action during its weekly encroachment drives.


The narrow approach road towards Amrapali Village

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