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Paramount Floraville knocks police’s doors over faulty lifts

Posted: Dec 04, 2016     By Ramesh Kumar

A group of 12 residents of Paramount Floraville, a residential society in Sector 137, Noida, approached Noida police to lodge a complaint against the developer and the maintenance agency of the society.

Residents complained that there have been several incidents in the past few weeks where someone was trapped in a lift. They said that the maintenance agency was not doing its job properly due to which they have had to face life-threatening situations in the society.

The society is being developed by Paramount Probuild Pvt Ltd., a real estate company. The builder has hired Premium Facility Management Pvt. Ltd for the maintenance of the society. There are 1,521 flats in the society, with residents in about 500 of them.

Ankur Arora, a resident, said, “A 12-year-old boy recently had an asthma attack at the entry gate. When his mother tried to take him to their flat on the 11th floor, they were stopped by the builder’s construction workers. They said that they were using the lift for some work. The mother and son had to wait for about 20 minutes before they could take the lift. Fortunately, the boy is alright now.”

Sajid Faruqi, another resident, said that this was not an isolated incident and there were others in which residents had got trapped in the lifts in A, B, D, J and N towers. He added, “My mother, who suffers from arthritis, has had to take the stairs many times to our flat on the 14th floor of N tower. The only operational lift in the tower breaks down frequently.”

Dinesh Dwivedi, another resident, alleged that the builder is not concerned about safety issues. He said that out of the 32 lifts in the society, only 12 are functional, and that those 12 were not being maintained properly.

He added the lifts in the society are from Crown, which is a Chennai-based lift manufacturing company. He claimed that when he contacted the company, the company representative said that they cannot provide maintenance for these lifts unless the builder clears payment dues.

Dwivedi also said, “We have given the complaint in writing to the in-charge of the police post in Sector 144 but we didn’t get a receipt for the same. The police had a meeting with the builder’s representatives before our meeting began.”

When City Spidey contacted YS Yadav, in-charge of the police chowki in Sector 144, Noida, he said, “I have received the written complaint from residents and also called the builder for a meeting. They came for the meeting and it was decided that the problem will be solved.”  Yadav also said that he would visit the society in a couple of days to see the condition of lifts and other issues in the society, and that lapses in residents’ safety would not be tolerated. 


Residents standing outside the police chowki in Sector 144


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