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RWA Federation Gzb to take anti-pollution drive to UPPCB district office

Posted: Mar 09, 2017     By Abid Hussain Barlaskar

RWA Federation Ghaziabad is set to take its monthly anti-pollution drive named Car Free Day to the district office of UP Pollution Control Board in Vasundhara this month.

Members of the federation have been celebrating the 10th of every month as a car-free day. For the last 13 months, they have been encouraging residents and commuters to not use their automobiles for a day every month as part of the drive.

The members of the federation told City Spidey that it is the responsibility of the government to implement strict policies to curb air pollution. They have also chalked out suggestions, such as restrictions on running diesel generators, diesel-driven vehicles, and conducting seminars on air pollution to raise awareness among residents.

Speaking to City Spidey, the members expressed dissatisfaction over installation of the district's air-quality monitoring system at UPPCB's office in Sector 16, Vasundhara.

TP Tyagi, chairman of the federation, said that air-quality monitoring units should be installed in locations that are more polluted, such as industrial areas and areas with congested traffic. "Locations like Mohan Nagar and Kavinagar Industrial Area are more deserving of air-quality monitoring systems as they can provide data about the real situation. What's the point of installing an air-quality monitoring unit in a place that is a residential area and has relatively low traffic and footfall?" said Tyagi.

Members along with residents are set to visit the office and acquire data from the monitoring unit. They would also request officials to take appropriate action.

"In case we do not see any action taken till April 10, we will approach the Chief Minister's Office and the commissioner, Meerut division, with our report and request," Tyagi added.

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