Photo: Akhilesh Pandey
Dwarka silvers celebrate Holi in style

Posted: Mar 12, 2017     By Akhilesh Pandey

Over 200 members of Senior Citizens Association (SCA), Dwarka, on March 12 congregated at the Sector 6 MCD park recreation centre to celebrate Holi.

They spent the day singing, dancing and playing Holi the among themselves.

"It was a grand success," said Ravi Jaitley, general secretary of SCA and a resident of Harsukh Apartments, Sector 7. "People were so engrossed in having a good time that the event went on and on. No one was in a hurry to go home. There were arrangements for water, tea, snacks and gujiyas." 



Balbir Singh Yadav, president of SCA, addressed the crowd at the start of the event. He briefed them about the work being done by their association and its achievements. He also informed them of the recreational activities organised the group. 

"We have been organising group trips of late," said Yadav. "Recently, a group of 70 members went to Haridwar, while a group of 82 members planned a trip to Mughal Gardens and Akshardham. We have another upcoming trip coming up on March 23-24. A group of 63 members are headed to Amritsar and Wagah Border."

He also said that upcoming trips included visits to Mathura, Vrindavan, Nepal and Mauritius.

SCA had also organised a free health check-up camp with the support of Maharaja Agarsen Hospital.


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