SDKS at one of its spiritual meets at DDA park, Sec 22
Photo: Akhilesh Pandey
Dwarka: SDKS rolls up its sleeves to ensure good voter turnout at MCD polls

Posted: Mar 26, 2017     By Akhilesh Pandey

Sukh Dukh Ke Sathi (SDKS), a social organisation of senior citizens and youths living in Dwarka, is one of the many resident groups working to ensure a good turnout at the municipal corporation elections round the corner.

The group has left no stone unturned to encourage people to cast their votes. They have even started discussing the matter at their regular spiritual meets.

"We want to improve the voting percentage from Dwarka societies," said DC Mathur, secretary of SDKS and a resident of New Kanchanjunga Apartments, Sector 23. "We have decided to try and put in our best efforts to ensure this."

In a chat with City Spidey, president of SDKS and a resident of Dream Apartments, Sector 22, Shashi Kapoor, said, "Discussions on promoting vote percentage will be part of all of our activities now. It was really sad to see the tepid 12 per cent turnout last year. That is bad news for a democratic system." 

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