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Jalvayu Vihar, GreNo: Keeping it clean

Posted: Apr 20, 2017     By Avishek Dubey

The RWA of Jalvayu Vihar in Sector Phi IV of Greater Noida had organised a weeklong cleanliness campaign in the society. It started on April 12 and ends today, April 20. Tejpal Nagar, MLA of Dadri, was the chief guest at the event.

The campaign also featured a competition for the maintenance staff of the society. Of the 20 cleaning and maintenance staff who participated in it, the top three prizes were won by Narender Kumar, Nitin Kumar and Rahul Kumar. All three received certificates and cash prizes from the chief guest.

Ajeet Kaushik, RWA secretary of the society, told City Spidey that the campaign was inspired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. "Cleanliness is everybody's responsibility," said Kaushik. On the concluding day of the campaign, the RWA also started a version of Neki Ki Diwar in the society — Neki Nukkad. "Something of no use to us can be of great use to someone else," said Kaushik, presenting the initiative to residents.

Common issues faced by residents — sewer line blockage, law and order in the area, defunct streetlights and registration of flats in the society — were also discussed at the event.

Nagar said the event was successful, as residents of all age groups participated in it. "A society will change when its people want change and work hard for it," said Nagar.

He also assured that the problems with streetlights and sewer system would be solved within a week.

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Cdr Mahajan

Posted 8 months ago

Well coverded Avishek.


Prayas Anand

Posted 8 months ago

Awesome.. Very clean society indeed.. Ajit ji doing great work


Shubhendra Singh

Posted 8 months ago

Very clean and green society..