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Amrapali Village AOA takes over from builder, but wait, there's a roadblock!

Posted: Apr 20, 2017     By Abid Hussain Barlaskar

The AOA of Amrapali Village, a residential society in Indirapuram, is in a fix after taking over the society from the builder. Right after the handover, the RWA is being faced with unprecedented expenses such as swimming pool repair and servicing of the transformer and generator sets. The situation has worsened due to the absence of IFMS (Interest-Free Maintenance Service) funds of the society, which are yet to be received from the builder.

Representatives of the builder had earlier promised to pay the entire amount in three monthly instalments starting January. The builder, however, did not pay a single penny.

AOA members said major development work of the society was pending owing to the unavailability of the funds. AOA members said that despite receiving Rs 17 lakh per month as maintenance charges from residents, they were still falling short, as the society had immediate expenses worth approximately Rs 20 lakh.

The IFMS fund or the sinking fund is requested for unexpected emergencies and long-term structural renovation of the society. The fund has to be transferred once the society is handed over by the builder.

"Summers are here and the demand for a hygienic swimming pool and unlimited supply of electricity is highest now," said Rakesh Kumar, general secretary of the society's AOA. "We feel bad that residents, despite paying maintenance charges, are living without basic amenities due to the builder's apathy. Amrapali should immediately hand over the IFMS amount — Rs 50 lakh — to ease the situation."

"Moreover, the builder has not installed DG sensor cards in several flats. As a result, readings of DG electricity for about 50 flats are unavailable. Other residents have to bear their expenses due to this," added Kumar.

City Spidey took up the issue with NN Singh, assistant vice-president of Amrapali group. Singh said the matter was being handled by the CMD of the group and that the issue was being held up owing to some clarifications. When asked about an expected date for the amount to be paid, Singh said, "The transfer of the amount will most likely be completed by the end of May." 

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