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Kirti Apts, MV I Ext: Have space, will park? Absolutely not

Posted: Apr 21, 2017     By Praveen Dwivedi

The managing committee of Kirti Apartments, a cooperative group housing society in Mayur Vihar Phase I Extension, has urged residents to follow norms regarding vehicle parking.

In a notice issued to all flat owners and tenants, the managing committee requested everyone to park their vehicles at earmarked spots.

The step was taken after several complaints surfaced regarding haphazard car parking inside the society. A senior committee member, who did not wish to be named, said, “A few people park their cars wherever they find space, instead of the slots allotted to them. Sometimes, cars are parked right in front of passages, due to which other vehicles find it difficult to move out.”   

Owners have also been asked to paste stickers issued by the managing committee on their vehicle windshields. Without the stickers, it becomes difficult for security guards to identify the cars and allow entry.

The committee further said that cars without stickers would not be allowed to enter the society or park their cars inside.

Residents who do not have stickers can get them at the society office.  

The security staff has been given a separate register for casual entry of outsiders. They are also to keep a record of exits.


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