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‘Sargam’ bonds Gurgaon’s silvers with music!

Posted: Apr 23, 2017     By Reena Dhankher

Life doesn’t always give us a chance to pursue our passions. Often the onus of taking the initiative lies with us. One such initiative is Sargam, a group of elderly residents in Gurgaon who bond with one another over their passion for music.

The group performs at various events in the city, but was formed with the sole purpose of giving the elderly a chance to indulge in their passion for music.

Dr AN Bhatt, one of the members, says, “I did not know how to sing, but with my association with Sargam, I have learnt quite a lot. I also enjoy being connected with such lovely singers. My involvement with the group keeps my wife and me more active in life.”

With frequent meetings and learning music, the group has become a family of sorts, whose members have been with together through times thick and thin.

But this family was formed out of a tragedy. When Lilly Singh, the founding member of the group and a resident of Ridgewood Estate, DLF Phase IV, lost her daughter Ramneek Kaur to unfortunate circumstances, she looked for solace in music. With her experience as an artist at All India Radio and Doordarshan, and her formal training, she started the group four years ago with four members.

Singh tells City Spidey, “Sargam is very close to my heart and I wish to make it grow like my baby. I have been lucky to get everybody’s the support, especially my husband Col (Retd) Parminder Singh. We all are trying to make the most of the second innings of our lives in the most creative way.”

And creativity surely runs in the family. She’s the niece of S. Bhagwant Singh Kwatra and S. Sardul Singh Kwatra, who have composed music for old classics and a number of Punjabi movies.

Singh adds, “I have also had the unconditional support of Col (Retd) RC Chaddha of the Gurgaon Cultural Foundation (GCF) that has always stood by music lovers.”

And music lovers have stood by the group. Singh’s initiative today boosts of 40 members and we hope it continues to grow!

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Ajay Pandita

Posted 6 months ago

Nice initiative...keep it up.


Neerja Nanda

Posted 4 months ago

Age is just a number for SARGAM members.I am a regular listener in their performances, as my husband also sings in the group.Their programmes are very lively and very well apprecited by the audience.Hats off to Ms Lily Singh for the effort she is putting in.